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     General Info


Information for the school year 2014-2015

  • Catholic schools are funded 50% of their operating costs by the government. Schools receive no funding for capital costs.
  • There are two “types” of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese:
    • Diocesan schools: owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Vancouver.
    • Non-diocesan Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Vancouver: Vancouver College, St. Thomas More Collegiate and Little Flower Academy
  • There are 50 schools: 41 Elementary (K-7) and 9 Secondary (8-12) Schools.
    • 3 of the 9 Secondary and 1 of the 41 Elementary are non-diocesan Catholic schools
    • 6 of the 9 Secondary are regional diocesan schools
    • 40 of the 41 Elementary are parish diocesan schools

The following information is for diocesan schools only.
For information regarding non-diocesan Catholic schools, contact the school directly.

  • Schools teach the B.C. Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education, in a Christ-centred setting.
  • Tuition rates for parishioners:
                  Your family is considered a member of the parish if you are:
    • Registered in the parish
    • Regularly attend Mass at the parish
    • Use Sunday envelopes (no amount specified) from the parish on a regular basis
    • Participate in the work activities required of you by the parish
    • Elementary Schools: $235 to $275 per month for the first student
    • Secondary Schools: $290 to $325 per month for the first student
    • Each school sets its own fees for second children (recommended to be at least 80% of first student tuition) and families
  • All schools have a uniform policy.
  • Most schools have a participation policy. A monetary levy is assessed to families who choose not to participate.
  • Individual schools handle their own registrations.

Because of the high demand for Catholic education, most of the schools are full, with waiting lists. For further information, or application to an individual school, please contact the school directly.


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